Greatest Possession of mankind

Whatever is the "best" for human beings lies outside human control. 

The human mind is the greatest and marvelous creation of nature which gazes and wonders at it, And more important is our own everlasting possession. Believe me, Intention behind the creation of this ghost body part is to confer the infinite pleasure. Because all worthless possessions which are "important" indeed are under the power of anybody but you! 

Some philanthropist said once, The glitter of wealth can not strike you as the blessing of the human race. Yes, I agree. Then why we are fighting for? 
There will be either side if you are entering the fight. But there is damage for sure! It is not fair to cursing your fate and fertility for your sorrows while fighting for "so important" possessions. Further, It is not wisdom to deceive your grief. You must conquer it. Else even in the spectacular night, in the middle of a crowd, a breeze of your sorrows victimize your fate and ruin peace publicly. 

Long Association always brings good and evil both. You never assume going to the hell and get back to live with your emotional breakdown. I was just reading a book "I am judging you!' by Luvvie Ajayi, seriously I was not aware of this many "Jobs" even exist. I am convinced that the day definitely comes when we actually transfer our soul into a machine or humanoid because just we can. Thanks to Micheal Jackson. But you still fighting for "that...". We are sheep. But again it's the game of perception that only won by satisfaction

Sometimes I hate mysteries of Nature. I was googling something, I found one quote related to the soul. What the hell is wrong with the relationship between mind and soul? Directly proportion to each other! then why in the name of God we need to shut the mind up to bring the soul into existence? 

You can train your soul though. We forget easily. Why not sorrows? 
I remember I was hurt when my girlfriend dumped like a milk bag, story another side was even I wanted to break up. Never expected on my face. How can she do that? My ego cried like never before! First experience. I don't even remember how it happened afterward. Because those were neither hurtful events nor not my insult which played with my ego.

Our mind is a black hole of expectations. Neverending.
It's a loop of it. One expectation itself procreate another one. You can not live without it or there is no fun living without expectation. Interesting. You will try to chase that until you find a new one. Seriously. The mind is the real nonsense body part. The real artist. Zero in calculations. Yet the only driving force that made us LIVE!!!

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